Sofia - Iskar Dam - Seven Rila Lakes - Sofia
Тransportation with comfortable coach
Professional guiding services in English
Guided tour to Iskar Dam and hiking tour to Seven Rila Lakes
Lunch, coffee breaks; Personal expenses
Tips to the guide, driver.
One-day excursion from €30

Departure at 8:30 am behind Alexander Nevski Cathedral (beginning of Oborishte street).

Iskar Dam is the biggest dam in Bulgaria. It was officially opened in 1954, but the research and planning started in the early 1900s. At that time the hydroelectric powerplant in Pancharevo Lake was put into exploatation and the growing need of water supply for Sofia made this one of the biggest infrastructure needs for the capital. It was designed by engineer Ivan Ivanov. The dam wall is 55 metres high and is bordering the artificial Pancharevo lake. Next to the dam there is a closed for visitors hunting reserve with various animals. 

The Seven Rila Lakes is the most visited lake group in Bulgaria. They are situated between 2100 and 2500 metres above sea level. The lakes are stair-situated in the Northwest Rila slopes, occupying concave rocks on the slopes of the mountain without losing their bond. All the lakes are linked by small streams. The lowest lake is gathering the flowing water resources from the other lakes and is giving birth to the left supply of river Struma - Dzherman river. The names of all lakes comes from their specific forms and pecularities. Every year this is the gathering place of the followers of Petar Danov /bulgarian philosopher and founder of religious-philosophic movement called Danovism. Over there they perform "panevritmia" which is a system of gymnastic exercices with the aim to purify the body from illneses, evil spirits and bad thoughts. According to Danov supporters, panevrtimia is based on the philosophy which is pointing on the five universal principles of love, wisdom, justice, virtues and truth. In the area there are two huts - Rila lakes at the lift downpoint and Seven lakes hut, which is on the shore of the lower lake. In the whole area camping or swimming is strictly forbidden. The hiking route is not heavy by itself, but you should concider warm clothes and quality equipment. The weather there is known to be unpredictable and fast reverse of conditions is frequent.

Duration:approximately 8 hours. The tour ends behind Alexander Nevski Cathedral.

Child under 5 yrs.
Children between 5 and 15 years
Students 18-25 yrs