City Guide

     Sofia is full of trendy cafes with outdoor seating in the summer and good-quality restaurants. Pizzeria-type restaurants and snack bars can be found all over the city. Although many are very uninteresting for the traveler looking for a meal with a local flavor, some include excellent Bulgarian dishes.

     You can easily find take away food in Sofia. For less than 2 leva (1 euro) you can get a slice of pizza, a hot-dog or a sandwich. You can get more traditional Bulgarian food in bakeries, offering banitsa and other kinds of pastry. This food is often consumed with ayran or boza. Another possibility is to get a katma, which is a big pancake filled with cheese, ham, jelly or chocolate.

     Of course, it will be an enormous pleasure for any host to invite you to a home-made traditional meal, but none is better than a meal prepared by the professional chef in one of Sofia's finest restaurants.


Bulgarian Cuisine