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Ariana Lake

    Ariana Lake is one of the best known spots in Sofia. Sofia residents, as well as visitors of the capital, select the location for walks and rest. Today, the lake and the nearby park have been restored and offer various leisure activities.

    Ariana is an artificial "B"-shaped lake, 175 m long and 75 m wide, with a small island at its narrowest point. It is located at the westernmost corner of Borisova Garden, between the Eagles’ Bridge and the national stadium.

    The lake was constructed in the late 19th century and since then it has been a focal point for leisurely walks and entertainment. Some leakage was discovered during the construction of Sofia’s subway and the lake was dried up and remained empty. After an expensive reconstruction the lake was opened once again to the public in 2007. Filling the Ariana Lake with water took 14 days. Now there are water wheels, boats and in winter people use it as an ice rink.

Ariana Lake