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Simeonovo Cabin Lift

     If you want to climb Vitosha Mountain, your best option is to pick the Simeonovo lift – straight to Aleko, one of the most famous chalets in Bulgaria. Till 2003 this was the longest lift in Bulgaria – 6270 m. For 30 minutes you ascend along more than one kilometer difference in altitude between the two stations. This great journey is accompanied by wonderful panoramic views. The upper station is at an altitude of 1804 meters just by the oldest chalet in Bulgaria – Aleko. From here you have just two hours walk to the highest peak in Vitosha Mountain – Cherni Vrah (Black Peak), 2290 m over the sea level. Stunning views, fresh mountain air and a nice hike so close by the big city!


Working hours: winter time: 8:30 am - 04:30 pm. The lift is accessible via bus lines 122 and 123.

Contact: +359/882111480